Fiction Women

You’re an Author. So let’s write.

This course…

and accessing your innate creativity to do it.

You’ll learn ways to organize your story, create it, and finish it.

Writing from the heart is a holistic approach to writing. It’s not a rigid how-to. It’s an options course.

This course will offer you a totally different way to think about your writing.

Let’s DO this.

Where Are You?

Are you stuck?  Blocked?  Or just uninspired to keep working on your novel?

Have you taken all sorts of classes, workshops and still struggle with finishing the book?

Are you frustrated that your work starts out well, then collapses?

Where You’re Going…

Do you want to be a writer? Are you a writer who wants to publish more?

Do you think you need to know all the steps in the process, before you begin?

Are there half finished manuscripts in a box under your bed, or folder on your desktop?

Does your mind entertain ideas that won’t leave, but also won’t jump out on the page and become a book?

It’s always said – everyone has a novel in them and everyone in Hollywood is working on a script.

But the main problem to solve is the:  working on. not finished…..

What you’ll gain…

Writing from the heart is a holistic approach to writing, it’s experiential and it’s productive.  We’ll explore new ways to write from the heart (not your head) that inspire confidence in your abilities as a writer to finish those books!


And I’ve taken so many writing courses hoping that one of them will have the answers I need to write, finish and publish my work.

Maybe you think you need to know and understand all the steps in the process before you begin. Hint: the answer is “No, you don’t.”

Maybe you don’t feel organized enough, or the reverse… you are so organized there is no creativity happening.

Writing is a balance of creativity and productivity.

This course will offer you some totally different ways to think about your writing.  Some of it comes from publishing best practices and some from divine inspiration.

What have you got to lose?

Dust off those unfinished manuscripts and try something new.

Create a whole new idea and finish writing it in record time.

Create a way to connect to your creativity so that you aren’t blocked any more.

STOP putting it off – the dust bunnies aren’t going to finish that novel for you. (they don’t even have computers and they always write about carrots)

Every excuse you have for not finishing will also not write that novel. Too tired, not inspired, no time.

Your journey home to the heart of your writer within – starts now!

You deserve to do what you love…. Write books, publish and get paid for it!

What’s in This Course?

This is not a rigid writing course. This is an options course. I will let you know based on my years as a writer and small press publisher, the norms in the industry and you’ll decide what works for you.

There is no right or wrong way to write/finish a book.

Your only set-back is to NOT finish the book.

This course includes guided meditations to connect you to your writer-within.  It will help you gain insight into what it feels like to be an accomplished writer and live that truth as you work on/finish your manuscript(s).

Maybe you don’t meditate now, and your book is not finished. So why not try something different to get your mind and creativity on the same track?

This course offers helpful tools that will help you organize your story, create it, and finish it.

What students are saying…

I was overwhelmed and in such a muddle with the writing of my fictional book.  I took Cheryl Rae’s writer course and now, with her “prompts’, mapping, and guidance, I’m inspired, organized, I‘m writing every day, and making real progress.  I am so grateful and happy that my book is coming alive!
Cheryl’s class was exactly what I needed.

 Leah LaChapelle, Author, Austin, TX

This course on writing that Cheryl Rae taught was extremely helpful in giving me the big picture of how to lay out a novel and lots of wonderful and helpful ideas to inspire me to actually sit down and write. Her presentation was clear and easy to understand, and I found the meditations to be a great link to my inner muse. The information was so good that I want to review it many times to get all the juice out of it. Cheryl is an excellent teacher who knows her program well and shares it with great excitement, humor and compassion. Anyone interested in support to write would be lucky to have Cheryl in their camp. She’s a born teacher.  I think you helped re-light my inner muse.
I’m so grateful!!!
Dr. Samantha Vanderslice BFRP, DMsc, CCP